CNSA 19th Annual Congress |12-14 May 2016 | Cairns Convention Centre | Bridging the gap - Distance, Culture, Workforce and Knowledge
Jocelyn Hill

Ms Jocelyn Hill

Jocelyn is a clinical nurse educator in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has clinical expertise in peripheral IV and PICC insertion, CVC care, maintenance and complication management. Her work includes close collaboration with educators, physicians and leaders for infusion therapy and peripheral and central vascular access issues.

Jocelyn is an active member of numerous organizations and associations that relate to vascular access, infusion therapy and oncology in North America. She served as President of the Canadian Vascular Access Association (CVAA) from 2012-2014. Her priority is to ensure clinicians have access to education, resources and information that relate to vascular access and infusion therapy and ultimately to help facilitate best patient care by the clinicians she reaches. 

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